what is theScarsdale LENDING CLUB?

Scarsdale Lending Club, Inc. is a private lender. We currently lend on real estate assets (and our near term plans include adding venture capital and small business lending). As our investor network has expanded, our focus has grown from individual construction projects to larger projects throughout Westchester County and New York City.

We are an alternative to traditional bank lending. Developers, builders and those who loan documentation is outside of traditional banking parameters, will find us a resource to close a transaction in a timely manner.

Our underwriting can be completed in 48 hours with a completed loan submission.

At this time we lend exclusively on real estate for commercial, construction (includes single family), special opportunities, such as short sales or foreclosure sales.

We concentrate on non-conventional loans and have the ability to provide funding in a very short time frame.

We offer mortgages for purchase, renovation and bridge loans until permanent financing is available.