You authorize Scarsdale Lending and affiliates (hereinafter defined as the “Lender”) to process the loan, including but not limited to, obtaining credit reports, financial reports and information necessary for the loan approval process.

You understand and acknowledge that you are authorizing the Lender to independently confirm that the information in your loan application. As part of the verification process, you also grant us permission to contact third parties to further confirm the information in the loan application.

You understand and acknowledge that you are authorizing the Lender, to order and obtain consumer reports and related information about the individuals, principals of the entity and the entity applying for a loan, from one or more consumer reporting agencies by your submitting a request for our services and applying for a loan or other service.

The Lender team may verify the information provided in your application more than one time through the course of our relationship. This authorization shall be ongoing as deemed necessary by the Lender through the loan process, enforcement of the loan, and the resale of the loan.

We will use your credit and financial reports to verify your identity, to process your loan application to verify and confirm your employment history, to make credit decisions, to oversee the placement and possible resale of your loan. You understand and acknowledge that in order to process your loan application and the management thereof, the Lender will disseminate, share and coordinate this information with Lender Affiliates.

Lender Affiliates shall be defined as any member of the Lender team, including but not limited to investors, advisors, third party banks, warehouse lenders, and accredited investors reviewing the loan participation agreement and potential third party loan purchasers.